Apex Assault (2022)

I’ve always been a big fan of Ducati Monster, especially when they came up with the 1200/821 platform, the minimal, dual section tubular frame, makes it very easy to modify to anything with a custom rear frame. Even though there’s more powerful V4 Streetfighter in the Ducati line up, but the simplicity of the L-twin engine still provides a much better platform for any custom build. (Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Monster 937, the power to weight ratio should makes it super fun to build anything with.)

So when a custom asked me to build a high spec, performance driven, anything I want Ducati custom, I went over to get one of the last brand new Monster 1200S in the country, right before Monster 937 was unveiled.

Direction wise, the customer showed me some of the classic custom cafe racer, but want something super modern and racy, when looking for inspirations, the Pikes Peak machines built by Bott Power and Deus Ex Machina caught my eyes, huge air ducts, naked, and all business brutal machines. To give the classic cafe racer silhouette a modern twist, I played with front and rear proportions, classic cafe tank lines with Rough Crafts style knee insert, added with big air ducts to help cool the Ducati rear cylinder, paired with number plate front and a tail section much smaller than usual, to push for that extreme racy vibe.

With that said, I designed a top tree that’s got the clip on handlebars integrated and raised up, so it’s not too tough if the owner want to ride it daily to the local cafe, also it presents the opportunity to relocate the gauge on top of the tree, the gauge, the clip ons, and the front number plate all fits together like it could have been from the manufacturer.

The high rise tail pipe might looks scary but it’s actually super tucked in closed to the engine, initially I want something looks super clean and sharp, but the rear pipe would be super short if it goes directly from rear cylinder to the tail, so I did this design inspired by Dcucati’s own Hypermotard 950, at the bottom of it is actually a D shaped link pipe that makes the stock electric box looks like a CAT box for exhausts when they’re not really touching anywhere.

Huge thanks to all these collaborating after market brands like Ohlins, Beringer, BST, Pirelli, CNC Racing, SC Project, STM, CeraCarbon Racing, RK Takasago, Accossato, Sato Racing… etc, all supported with their top of the line components, to have this amazing build complete the way it is.