Bavarian Fistfighter (2015)

The Rough Crafts R9T - The Bavarian Fistfighter, is a tribute to the past and mixing with the modern technology, BMW Motorrad is a brand that has a rich and long history in motorcycle, and one of Rough Crafts’ main design aesthetics is to blend the beautiful line from the past into modern finishing, so all the lines on the bike, from the tank that has the design hint from various old BMW gas tank and blend with Rough Crafts’ “signature cut”, the vintage rubber seat inspired single seat, to the vintage BMW snowflake wheels inspired custom one off billet CNC wheels and rotors… all the above, combine with the modern RnineT inverted forks, Brembo/Beringer brakes, custom rear shock from Gears Racing, and ultra sticky race slick tires from Pirelli, Rough Crafts custom made velocity stacks and exhausts helps the engine breath better, this R9T calls for both a show piece also a track attacking machine!!

This collaboration with BMW Motorrad was an interesting affair, I met BMW Motorrad's Head of Vehicle Design, Ola Stenegärd many times at different bike shows and talked about what we could do together all the time, but BMW Motorrad Taiwan called without knowing our relationship says they want me to build a custom R9T, naturally BMW Motorrad Munich jumped on it and Thras Papadimitriou at BMW Motorrad put it into one of the officially endorsed Soulfuel nineT builds. Pirelli Taiwan heard about the build and sponsored us their Diablo Superbike slicks, Gears Racing built us Rough Crafts special R9T rear shock, Beringer Brakes provided the hydraulic hand controls. and Roland Sands Design send us their engine covers which turned into Rough Crafts style finishing to help the complete package!!

Once again 2 Abnormal Sides made us the brass tank badge and KIC airsoft helped us engraved the BMW logo on the badge. OneHandMade helped all the body work. And Motogadget provided the gauge, grips and bar-end turn signals, Sato Racing for the rearsets, Last but not least, Air Runner Custom Paint did an traditional BMW dual stipes paint but with a twist, carbon fiber fading with dual stipes in silver leafs with shades of black candy to give it more depth.

photo by: JL Photography

Pirelli Taiwan

Beringer Brakes

Gears Racing

Roland Sands Design

2 Abnormal Sides


KIC Airsoft

Air Runner Custom Paint