Dark Cannon (2015)

I had this idea ever since winning AMD World Championship of Modified HD with a sportster, it was the same billet girder I made, just I like to make an extra backup every time, so it’s the idea of building the same concept just with a softail, That idea was always in my head for these 2 years, I tried to pitch it to customers but no one want to let me build a bike with slick tires and drag bike looking is just a bit scary for regular customer, so the idea is clear: I’ll build it for myself.

The Harley Rocker was a failure model, but the fact it came with rake out neck and wide swingarm on a stock bike, which is perfect for this concept so I bought one and ran with it, The Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slick 26.0”x8.5”-15” fits inside the swingarm like a dream, and the raked out neck combining with our billet girder makes the stance perfect, and Dunlop is kind enough to spare me a set of their experimental 23” slick race tire to put on front, when the stance works, everything else pretty much falls together naturally, and a “fast” looking floorboard sure helps for 1000 miles ride, which the bike was invited to right after it's finished, HOT BIKE TOUR from Whyoming all the way to Montana, USA!!
and for the whole "build it for myself" idea, just like the old saying goes, "If you build it, they will come." the bike was sold just after the metal was shaped and not even finished!!