Faster Tracker (2021)

The whole idea of Yamaha Yard Built Program was to inspire the bike owner around the world to customize their bike and make them unique, so if the builder developed bolt on parts from the build would be a big bonus, but I have to say from the first two Yard Builds I didn’t really focused on the parts developments and so many times people asked me if I have the kit for sell I have to sadly reject them. So, when presented the opportunity for this XSR900 build the first priority is to focus on how it can be produced and bolt on, but still totally Rough Crafts and didn’t sacrifice aesthetically. Even all the parts around it, I try to use as off-the-shelf as possible. So people can re create their own interpretation maybe with different exhaust, different headlights, even try with clip-on handlebars, who knows?
No cutting, no welding, all bolt on, is the key, thanks to Yamaha made the inner tank and outer “shell” so we even utilize the stock inner tank and stock top trim, just by changing the side covers it changed the whole look, the tracker inspired tail section/seat is all bolt on with 2 bolts only, combined with our license plate bracket with integrated taillight/turn signals we developed with KOSO, and again, you can use stock double seat if you like to carry a passenger, the line still works with our tank covers.
On to the performance side, I found that Öhlins only make cartridge kit for XSR900/MT09, and people tried to modify race bike forks to work, which usually turns out shorter than stock and changed the geometry, so I decide to develop a triple clamp/bracket/spacer kit to use Öhlins FF521 universal forks, and achieve the geometry identical to stock, other pieces like shorter carbon fiber fender, front number plate/headlight are also going to be available. For the accessories of course we like to use our usual supporter like BST Carbon Fiber wheels, SC Project exhausts, Beringer Brakes, and Pirelli Tires, but we do like to encourage people to explore different mix and matching parts with our kits.