Customer comes in all shape and sizes, we've built a couple bikes for super tall guys, this time we got a guy who really love the Hypermotard vibe and bought a brand new 939 with only a very short test ride, after he actually got it for a couple weeks, it's obvious the height of stock Hypermotard is too stressful for him, especially in the Taipei city traffic where is a lot of stop and go, so he came to me and hoping to find a direction that makes "lowering a Hypermotard"  logical.
While there's not really any logic in full custom built but we still want the direction to reflect Hypermotard's nature purpose, light, nimble, and fun. So "Street Tracker" style came to our minds, a flat tracker styling bike with regular tyres/brakes for the street.
Spent a long time to play with proportions in photoshop rendering, with all available Öhlins fork length to try with, finally set with FGRT207 that was meant for Kawasaki ZZR1400 which comes in 765mm length, and Öhlins Racing is kind enough to custom make us a rear shock which is 12mm shorter, makes about 2" lower at front and 1" at rear.
With the stance confirmed, can finally start to do the body work, BOTT POWER's David Sánchez is a friend of mine, we met at several shows before, his XR1 tail section got the perfect shape and size we like, plus it's made out of super high quality carbon fiber, so we designed the tank and radiator shroud which flows with the tail and add some Rough Crafts flavor.