Midas Royal (2018)

The bike was commissioned by Royal Enfield, during the meeting, we agreed on the Endurance/Café Racer theme, but with one condition: I must retain the original proportion of the tank. Which isn’t too hard cause they had a very nice line to their original tank. But true to Rough Crafts’ style, I never want to take the direction too literally. The traditional Endurance Racer usually has a very big and bulky 3/4 fairing plus a very big boxy tail section, I want to take that line but do it with my own twist. So I designed a “split fairing”, which is a small fairing and 2 “wings” extended from the sides of the tank, if you see the bike from the side, the continues line makes it looks like a one piece fairing but it’s actually separated, I also play with the proportions to make the front and tail of the body work relatively small compare to the lengthened tank. The tank is actually a shell, which is approx. 8cm longer than stock but only slightly wider, which covers over the stock tank, which also enhance that vintage racer look. I use the Ohlins forks and Ohlins TTX shock for the suspension duty, BST carbon fiber wheels and Beringer brakes, is hold together with a set of CNC Racing triple clamps, and custom made aluminum swingarm. With the stock airbox removed, I can show off the gorgeous Ohlins TTx shock, so I use Sprint Filter race filter for intake, also the frame itself was only cut out the rear bottom angled tubes which then re-braced with a couple of shorter tubes to make the “open-ness” look. When you look at these Royal Enfield 650 twins models, the one thing that caught my eyes is that beautifully designed crank case, so I also designed a hand-bent looking stainless exhausts to wrap around the crank case to emphasize it, which ends with a set of SC-Project mufflers. As usual Air Runner Kustom Paint did an amazing job tying everything together with gold leaf striping, Kingsman Seat did the hand dyed seat, and 2Abnormal Sides did the beautiful tank badge to finish off the details.