Midnight Fury (2015)

The Urban Cavalry was a good success for us, and to this bike's owner too. He saw the Urban Cavalry last year and he just fall in love with it, he want me to build something like it for him, but for his height 193cm, he'll make the Urban Cavalry looks like a kid's bike, also he told me he like black too (who doesn't?) so the game plan is cleared fast: build a Guerilla styled XXL sized Urban Cavalry. to the extend of that idea, I plan to build the most "blacked" black bike I've done, and by that, it's way more than just paint everything black, I want to make all different kind of black blend on the same bike with different depth, carbon fiber black, paint black, anodizing black, leather black, matt black, gloss black, wrinckle black... to creat an all black bike but with most depth out of it, and when the proportion was done to all the sheet metal work, the front "shield" was added for the more urban street fighter vibe, Roaring Toyz jumped on the task to the swingarm right away with custom made 2" longer, 2" wider piece to accomplish the XXL idea with Avon 230 tire, I want to make the bike fit for the owner but still mentain a good proportion instead of a super stretched and wide look. at last, custom push rod collars with the owner's initial, and the owner's clothing brand FLAGSHIP LIFESTYLE" was branded on the point cover with our Rough Crafts logo