Mighty Guerilla (2019)

Ever since the press test ride in Spain. I fell in love with the new Softail platform. It rides so much better than the previous models Harley made sure the frame is very easy for customizers to detach things they want to change without cutting and grinding. And the “Guerilla” is almost an starting point that put Rough Crafts on a global scale, all the Rough Crafts production parts are derived from the Guerilla series bikes, and even till today, 8 years from our first “Iron Guerilla”, it still remains one of the most influential style for modern Harley customs. So the goal is clear, we want to build the new guerilla with the latest platform Harley has to offer, and the FAT BOB is the perfect starting point. Along the years we have the privilege to work with some of the best manufactures in the world, besides our old friends Arlen Ness, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, etc. We start to work with Italian’s top exhausts manufacture SC-Project to create collaboration exhausts system and the one you see on the bike is the first prototype in the world!! And yeah, the name "Mighty Guerilla" comes from the engine "M8"