Rusty Slider (2015)

This build started with a 3-way collaboration between 2 of my friends' brands, Taki Design, Provider Production, and the giant of work wear, Dickies. The whole collaboration is surounded within the biker and worker style of clothing. Among one of the meeting, the idea of Dickies building a bike for the project when both Taki Design and Provider Production got one of Rough Crafts bikes, the whole project ties together even closer if Dickies have a bike too. Turns out Dickies Taiwan's owner has a XR1200 and just been through a small crash couple days ago, so it's perfect timing?

XR1200 is actually a good bike but the stock design aesthetics is just wrong in a lot of ways, but since tracker style bike is always one of the direction we're always interested to go with, and the old XR750 racer is just simply one of the coolest bike ever, so the direction is clear, turn a 2010 XR1200 in to a XR750 style street tracker!! The build was actually almost side by side with our Hooligan Tactics, so we took the 48 stock front forks and swingarm for the vintage tracker look, the stock XR has a upward EFI system which is a headache for us, so we changed it into Mikuni HSR42 carb going on side to run our Velocity Stacks, Shaping wise it's a sportster tank streched bu almost 2" and cut thinner for the slick side profile, the seat/tail section is the same as on Hooligan Tactics which is our production prototype, for the exhausts, Supertrapp 2 into 2 tracker pipe always got a place in my heart so when one of my friend is selling his a couple years ago I can't help myself buying it for no reason and no idea what to do with it, now the chance has come, but I can't see myself just bolt it on directly, so I massaged the header of the rear cylinder to turn and fit into the front header, made another long megaphone and billet end cap, and here it is, a one off Rough Crafts 2-into-1 tracker pipe~ the rest details you can pretty much see in the tech sheet. For the paint, to match Dickies' "work wear" idea without making it a "theme" bike, I asked Air Runner Custom Paint to do a slightly rusted bare metal trick paint, and this is what he delivered, yes, trust me, it's all paint.