Ever since Harley-Davidson flew me to Barcelona to test ride the Milwaukee Eight Softails at 2017, I was amazed by how much improvement HD had put into this new softail platform, and a performance version of it has been flowing through my head ever since. So when a customer came in with an open brief, I knew exactly what I want to do.
Luckily, through out the years of Rough Crafts, I have the privilege to became friends with many of the top manufacture in the business, and when I explain them my plan for this build, they all jump in and helped.
The stance started with a set of Ohlins suspension, they custom made me a rear shock that’s 1” longer than their regular offer for the M8 softail, plus the beefy 48mm FGRT301 forks up front, to change the bike from HD’s lay back cruiser to a more aggressive lean forward stance.
Than I talked to Roaring Toyz, who specialized in custom biller sportbike swingarm who I’ve been worked with in several projects, to see if they’re interested in the M8 softail platform, a single sided swingarm was emerged!
CNC Racing provide the triple clamp which I modified to take Harley style neck and risers mount, BST Blackstone TEK with the carbon fiber wheels. And the latest Pirelli SuperCorsa V3 wrapped up the handling package.
Along the build I had a chat with David Zemla from S&S Cycle, seems like with all the performance upgrade wouldn’t be complete with some engine upgrade also. And S&S is kind enough to provide a set of their latest offer for the M8 engine: 124” Power Package, which claims to offer 124hps and 135ft-lb of torque, which I haven’t had a chance to dyno mine, but man, it really has some serious push!!
SC Project also provided the end can, this time is their Titanium S1 series, which we made a full titanium header!!
Through out the whole build, you can really tell the work HD put into this platform for custom, with now sporting this radical look, it actually has no cutting anywhere. Even the stock gauge for streetbob is so nice we simply designed our Finned Risers around it so it maintains all stock functions.
With this Tarmac Raven and our previous Mighty Guerilla, we can really appreciate the work HD put into this platform and you can be sure we’re working on many pieces you see here into production