Flatout Titan (2018)

The Flatout Titan start with a guy that's almost 2 meters tall, he like our bikes but most of them will looks like kid's bike with him, and he try not to use Harley as a base, so what do we do? We get the biggest Ducati "cruiser" bike and raise the tail to be a even bigger bike, with custom linkage and custom sub-frame, we made the stance first before working on the shape, the guy want something he can ride with comfort, flat bars with a street tracker stance is always a good riding combination. The XdiavelS was told to be the first really "Audi driven" project, so it has very complicated electrical system which took us a long time to make it work, even just to change the head and tail light without making the gauge go crazy with warnings... the rest is just about how to work the shape and size out of our confort zone (this is definitely the biggest fuel tank we ever made) and still keep the signature Rough Crafts style and balance. In the end, we feel like we finally did the bike justice, always feel a bit awkward with all that power under a cruiser riding position, now with up right position and a "flat" bike stance, this bike became so fun to ride. (If you can get up and down the bike easily with it's now 88cm seat height ;) )