Guerilla Tre (2017)

This build was commissioned by MV Agusta Taiwan, with a simple(but not easy) task: it need to be "potential production", we didn't know it when we started, but it turns out just almost same time and similar quideline as MV's own RVS program. I instantly decided the bike need to go "urban scrambler" route, for the fact MV don't really have this type of bike yet, and I really want to apply our favorite "Guerilla" philosophy, with Pirelli's MT60RS, I can get the "scrambler" vibe without losing street performance, same wheels we made for BAllistic Trident by Wukawa came through again, with custom matching BERINGER discs, the go and stops are taken care of, and then the headlight I found something similar as you'll see from enduro bikes and make a "mask" for the bike, and the "tracker" inspired tail section ties the whole look together. This is the first bike ever we didn't make our own take and have to work with existing components, I have to admit it's equal challenging to make sure the design works with the pieces, and still make a new concept statement.