Jab Launcher (2017)

The plan is simple, make that already compact base bike lighter, cleaner, and tougher. So BST - BlackStoneTek are a no brainer, to add to the racy look a Monster 1100 single sided swingarm was fitted with Gears Racing rear shock. We modified the gas tank to relocate the gauge on the tank, which opens up the front end and have that super stripped look without losing any function, the stock tank shape is a very clean classic shape, so we kept the overall silhouette, just re-make the sides to have more Rough Crafts signature style. The stock Scrambler “drop curve seat” which was inspired by the vintage Ducati Scrambler, never appeals to me since it always looks kind of “heavy”, so we made a carbon fiber side panel sets, and a cafe seat/tail kit which straitens the side line without any cutting or welding to the frame, we even kept the stock tail light cause it just works with the line!! As usual, our trusted friends from Beringer Brakes provided top notch braking system, but to fit the look, this time we used WSBK discs from Brembo. About half way through the build, our friends from HP CORSE put out their GP07 exhausts for Scrambler and are kind enough to give us a set, due to the Sato Racing Inc. rearsets we’re running we had to do some slight modification to make it work, but that pie cut mid-section is just too sexy to pass!! SpeedyMoto and Ducabike covers makes the engine more opens and more mechanics look, and once again AEM Factory rear sprocket set is just the perfect icing on the cake to complete the quality look!! We didn’t do anything internally except the Sprint Filter gives the engine more air to breath in, but just by all the light weight and better suspension an brakes, it rides incredible, almost like a different bike!!