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For 30th anniversary of Cooler Master, Rough Crafts was set out to build a bike and a matching computer casing to celebrate, which combines the signature elements of both worlds, the RGB lighting of the brand color purple, the sharp edges and boxy shape that’s found in most Cooler Master computer casing, plus Rough Crafts’ signature fin details with forge carbon fiber, which all wrapped in a silhouette of a charging dustbin faring turned bodyworks that looks fast even when standing still.

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Nocturnal Unicorn (2022)

Ever since we established our style through the beloved Iron Guerilla, the fat tire HDs that mix the retro lines and modern finishing are always something people love so much from us, so when a customer came to us and want a fat tire HD, as we showed him some of our previous builds like the more retro themed Crowned Stallion and some of the more modern ones with billet wheels and top spec brakes and suspension components, the conversation quickly comes to, “How cool would it be if I can combine these polarizing style?”“Fat” tires and “wide” tires are never the same, Fat needs more side walls to have that beefy look and the 230-15” Avon we’ve used on...

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Slate Hammer (2021)

The Bike was commissioned by a very good friend of mine who owns a clothing brand “TAKI” (, he was never really into bikes before but he likes to travel with us and done several trips to MOONEYES and JOINTS show, custom bikes grew on him very fast, this year his brand has a series of biker influence theme called “The Road Leader”, he can’t help it anymore, he need a bike, so naturally he came to me. He want a café racer, he want it clean and grey-ish color, that’s pretty much it, I knew him for years and the idea comes together fast.The key component is the vintage replica Dunstall GT half fairing by GFTP (, looks perfect...

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